Meet the sausage-making soldier with his new Portsmouth stall (Portsmouth News)

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We were blown away when the News decided to write a piece about Jay (Ed) and his sausages.

As you probably know, Jay is a soldier in the Royal Engineers, so they decided to lead with that.

Here’s the full story on the News website

And here’s what it says:

Meet the sausage-making soldier with his new Portsmouth stall  

A SERVING soldier has launched a new business – selling sausages. 

Jason Misters launched his sausage company Ed’s Bangers on Saturday at the Love Southsea market in Palmerston Road.

With the help of his girlfriend, Marion Morris, he runs the business at weekends when he is off duty as an army diver in the Royal Engineers.

The stall gained a lot of positive attention, with more than 180 sausages being sold over the two days.

Jason said: ‘People have been loving it, even strangers have been saying how nice they were, they were asking how they can buy some raw and I was like, I haven’t got that far yet!’

The couple plan to take their stall round Portsmouth’s street markets and hope to appear at this year’s Victorious festival.

Marion, who is eight months pregnant with their baby boy, makes the onion gravy for their popular ‘Yorkshire wrap’ which consists of a signature banger wrapped in a giant Yorkshire pudding.

The dad-to-be’s friends and family came over from the Isle of Wight and the Midlands to support the launch. 

In February, Jason ‘shroom banger’, a pork sausage with mushrooms, mozzarella and chives, won a bronze award at the Great Hampshire Sausage and Pie contest. 

The 40-year-old started making sausages a couple of years ago after buying himself a sausage maker, then experimenting with different spices and seasonings. 

He said: ‘I love food, I am a proper foodie, so I thought, why not?’ 

Jason uses locally-sourced produce and he also offers vegetarian alternatives and has plans for a vegan banger. 

The name ‘Ed’s Bangers’ comes from the nickname ‘Ed’ that Jason was given by his Army pals.

His biggest goal is to own his own sausage shop, and to create Britain’s best banger. For more go to

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