The Ed's Bangers Story

If you love real hand-made sausages, with only fine, natural, ethical, gluten-free ingredients, you are going to LOVE Ed’s Bangers.

I’m Ed (my real name’s Jason but to all my Army pals I’ve always been Ed). I've been a sausage fan for as long as I can remember. A few years ago, I started making them at home for friends and family. People started asking me if they could buy my sausages - and Ed's Bangers was born.

I make every single sizzling award-winning sausage with my own hands. And I can’t help keep coming up with new recipes for you guys to try. My bangers are all gluten-free and of course we have Veggie and Vegan Bangers for you too.

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A Family Business

I am ably assisted by my amazing partner Marion, my little boy JD (check out the banger we named after him), and our families and friends.

I hope to meet you very soon at a festival, market or party near you. Come and say hello!

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